Sinicization of Tibet: The Ugly face of Chinese Cultural Hegemony

Ankita Sanyal

The Tibetan culture that has an originality and specificity of its own, distinct from the Chinese culture, is being subjected to disuse with the expectation that it would ultimately lose its shine and appeal. This is cultural hegemony at its very worst with a brazen effort to steamroll diversity.

China-Nepal Bilateral Economic Relationship: Win-Win or Master-Client?

Sumesh M.N.

Chinese policy of engagement is not aimed at enhancing the capacity of the Nepalese state and bringing prosperity to the Nepalese people; it is meant to perpetuate a master-client relationship where Nepal is sucked into the trap of China’s debt-diplomacy, loses its strategic autonomy and is reduced to a client state of China.

Balakot Strike
Pakistan’s Lies about Balakot Operations

Syed Eesar Mehdi

There is a need to retell the facts as has been the attempt in the preceding paragraphs and nail the Pakistani lies on Balakot. One wishes, rather than wasting its scarce resources on such lame propaganda, Pakistan should learn to mend its ways and its relations with India, which will help it divert its resources towards development of its people.