From Wheat Subsidy to Greater Autonomy: ‘Chalo Gilgit’ Movement Raging on

Zainab Akhter

The people of the region are ready for a long haul and warning the government not to turn this region into a conflict site like Balochistan. They are saying that despite many tactics and conspiracies, the GB people would continue their struggle till the acceptance of all their demands.

Pakistan Politics
Decoding the 2024 Election Manifestos of Political Parties in Pakistan

Afroz Khan

The manifestos are unlikely to sway public sentiments in favour of any of the parties contesting the elections. If one goes by their past performances, it appears that the political parties in Pakistan have not delivered on their commitments in the past. Despite holding power at both federal and provincial levels, they have failed to improve the living conditions of the common people. This explains the apathy of the people towards politics in general and elections in particular.

PTI’s Hobbled Race for election 2024: The Fight for Survival

Zainab Akhter

Overall, there is no political future for the PTI and its chief Imran Khan in the upcoming general elections. With relentless crackdown on the party, its leaders and supporters, the political space for the party has shrunk considerably.

Pakistan Flag
The Saga of Lifetime-Dis-qualification and Re-Qualification in Pakistan

Ashish Shukla

Given the complex nature and dynamics of inter-institutional and intra-institutional relationship, politics in Pakistan retains both the elements of unpredictability and of surprise as it is unfolding in the wake of the upcoming election.

Energy Crisis Faced by the EU: Cooperation with India Might Help

Harsh Pandey

As the war in Ukraine started, the dominant wisdom of that time was that the West, especially the European Union (EU) and its allies, might have to face the challenge of securing their energy supply as Russia has the bargaining chip of being the largest fossil fuel supp

Understanding the Uptick of Militancy in Kashmir

Syed Eesar Mehdi

The escalation of militancy in the Kashmir region constitutes a multifaceted and intricate phenomenon, characterized by a confluence of factors such as alterations in terror tactics, external backing, and the emergence of a mixture of foreign and indigenous terrorism.