Myanmar in Trouble: Urgent Need for Reconciliation

Kirti Advani

Myanmar is badly in need of a process of reconciliation that would involve all the stakeholders including the powerful military and all the ethnic groups and evolve a new social contract enabling and empowering them all. This would also ensure the upliftment of sanctions and facilitate the flow of funds and humanitarian aid to the country and offer Myanmar an opportunity to reinvent itself.

Understanding BLA's Operation ZirPahazag in Balochistan

Syed Eesar Mehdi

BLA's continued resilience and determination underscore the complexity of the Balochistan conflict and the challenges facing efforts to resolve it peacefully.

Understanding Pakistan’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Programme

Syed Eesar Mehdi, Toseef Ahmad Bhat

This commentary provides valuable insights into Pakistan's dynamic UAV landscape and its broader implications for regional military capabilities. It also draws a comparative analysis with India, emphasizing nuanced distinctions in UAV quantity, capability, and origin between the two nations.

Issue Briefs

National Report by China in the 45th UPR Session: Hiding More than it Reveals

Ankita Sanyal

China’s report on human rights in the 45th session of the UPR on 23 January 2024 has drawn the attention of human rights activists worldwide. It has painted a rosy picture of the human rights situation within China.


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