Finland’s Strategic Vision Reconfirms Strengthening Relations with India

Ekaterina Serova

Finland-India relations are poised for a smooth take-off in the days to come.

Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations in Quandary: Lessons for Pakistan

Nazir Ahmad Mir

Pakistani security forces are unable to deal with a new wave of terror attacks, more because of the ambivalence in the country’s approach towards religious extremism than the lag in military preparedness both vis-à-vis India they want to square up with, and vis-à-vis the terror elements they have emboldened over the years.

Jamat e islami
Jamaat and the Bangladesh Army: Threat of the fringe?

Ankita Sanyal

As the threat of Islamist infiltration into Bangladesh Army is being discussed in the country today, the Army has chosen not to comment on this issue… Looking at the way JeI and Islamist groups are gathering political momentum at the local levels, the possibility of a religious political impulse haunting the country in the near future cannot be brushed away.

Pakistan’s Acquisition of Turkish Drones and India’s Options

Syed Eesar Mehdi

Pakistan's Bayraktar Akinci drone acquisition from Turkiye has major implications for its military vis-a-vis India. Pakistan has so far received around 6-7 drones in April 2023, and actively deployed them. These drones have two versions: Akinci A and B, with B being more advanced.

rocket attack
Will the Hamas Campaign Check Saudi Arabia’s Impending Handshake with Israel?

Mohmad Waseem Malla

The changed Arab street opinion, possible Turkish activism, outright Iranian support for Hamas and Qatar’s blaming of Israel for the current explosion certainly limit the bandwidth for the Kingdom, which could potentially slow down its covert diplomatic engagements with Tel Aviv for an overt normalisation deal, if not lead to an outright break in engagement.

Pakistan Flag
Jaranwala Attack on Christian Minorities in Pakistan

Ashish Shukla

Jaranwala town of Pakistan was in the international limelight recently for a ghastly mob attack on Christian minorities of Pakistan on 16 August 2023.