China's Debt Trap Policy
China's Debt-Trap Diplomacy in South Asia

Ankita Sanyal

Besides expanding the debt trap, the BRI projects have faced accusations of corruption, environmental pollution, and labour violations across these countries. The South Asian countries should play their cards right and avoid getting sucked into the 'debt trap' being laid by China.

Joint Statement China
China's coming of age in the Middle East

Mohmad Waseem Malla

What makes this agreement quite significant is Beijing’s willingness to shed its image of a silent power and go beyond its usual emphasis on pursuing its economic interests to not only actively encourage détente between two regional hostile powers but also but bring them on the table and get them to sign an agreement “to resume diplomatic relations between them and re-open their embassies and missions within a period not exceeding two months”.

Sinicization of Tibet: The Ugly face of Chinese Cultural Hegemony

Ankita Sanyal

The Tibetan culture that has an originality and specificity of its own, distinct from the Chinese culture, is being subjected to disuse with the expectation that it would ultimately lose its shine and appeal. This is cultural hegemony at its very worst with a brazen effort to steamroll diversity.