Journal of Peace Studies

Journal of Peace Studies, a quarterly research journal is being published under the auspices of the Centre since 1993.

The publications of the Centre are circulated among academics, researchers, students, journalists, policy-makers, administrators and diplomats. Among these, the Journal of Peace Studies has been very popular among people engaged in research in the fields of Peace and Human Rights. The Journal has an interdisciplinary approach and aims at promoting peace and understanding among societies of the world in general and South Asian societies in particular. It is acclaimed by its readers as a Journal of high reference value. The Centre invites contributions from scholars, researchers and activists working in areas related to peace, human rights and conflict resolution/mitigation/ transformation etc for the Journal.

The global order is facing the challenge of fundamentalism which is destabilizing the regions, dislocating the populace and forcing the change of regimes. In the last more than two decades or so this challenge has acquired menacing proportions which is posing a big challenge to the peace of the world. The high sounding rhetoric of the so called big powers of the world notwithstanding, the challenge remains with all its disastrous ramifications. The phenomenon of fundamentalism has always been prevailing in different societies in one form or the other. However, it never acquired such overarching dimensions to destabilize the prevailing political or social orders entailing bloodshed and disorder until it was used as a strategic weapon by the big powers to deal with their adversaries. It was for the first time that this tenet was used in the Eighties by the US experts to train the so calledAfghan Mujahideen in Afghanistan to drive out Soviet forces from that country. It is a well known fact of the recent past. However, when the US Security advisor who introduced this strategy was asked that what would these trained Mujahideen do after the Soviets had vacated the Afghanistan, his curt reply was that they would go and retire in their homes. That did not happen. The Mujahideen who were drawn mainly from many Asian countries, particularly West Asia, continued with their so called mission of establishing the “ genuine rule of God ” on earth. In this process this stratagem became a handy device for different political forces across the world to achieve their strategic objectives. The numerous instances are available to support this contention. It was interesting to note, as revealed in the international media, that after the overthrow of Muammar al Ghaddafi in Libya, some oil companies were negotiating with the so called victors to sell them oil on cheaper rates. It may be recognised that the hapless so called third world countries

ICPS-International Center For Peace Studies

Journal of Peace Studies, a quarterly research journal is being published under the auspices of the Centre since 1993. The Centre publishes Occasional Papers / Monographs and Books on various issues relating to peace and conflict from time to time.

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