Jammu & Kashmir

  Jammu And Kashmir Elections Yearning For Change
  Kashmir A Paean for my Pir Dastgir
  Kashmir: Recovering Its Shared Heritage
  Conflict Transformation in Kashmir by Riyaz Punjabi
  Kashmir Trends Vol. XIII, Issue 600, May 23,2005
  Accession of Kashmir to the Indian Dominion: An Historical Study by Ashok K. Behuria published under the auspices of South Asian Centre for Strategic Studies, a sister concern of International Centre for Peace Studies, New Delhi, in May 1999.
  Journal of Peace Studies Vol. 6, Issue 5 & 6, September -December 1999 Identity, Politics and The Kashmir Issue by Ashok K. Behuria
  Kashmir Trends, Vol.XIII, Issue-585, February 7, 2005
  FDI for Kashmir – an illusion
  Jammu and Kashmir’s Municipal Elections-2005
  Indus Waters Treaty (The view from Kashmir)
  Turning Kashmir into an Indo-Pak bridge by Subhash Chopra
  Gandhi and Kashmir by Riyaz Punjabi
  From Jammu and Kashmir Media A question of needs and compulsions
  In Lieu of an Editorial Kashmiriyat Under Siege
  Kashmir Trends, Vol XII, Issue 545, May 3, 2004
  Kashmir Trends, Vol XII, Issue 543, April 19, 2004
  Kashmir Trends, Vol XII, Issue 544, April 26, 2004
  Terrorism in Chechnya and Kashmir: An Area of Convergence between India and Russia by Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra
  Changing Scenario in Kashmir (November 03,2003)
  Kashmir Trends, Vol. XI, Issue 507, August 11, 2003
  Kashmir Trends, Vol. XI, Issue 506, August 04, 2003
  Kashmir Trends, Vol. XI Issue - 512, September 15, 2003
  Kashmir: New Initiatives, New Hopes by Arjimand Hussain Talib
  The Contest between Customary Law/Folk Law and Religion: A Case Study of Kashmir by Riyaz Punjabi
  Kashmir And Neighbours Tale, Terror, Truce By Türkkaya Ataöv reviewed by Riyaz Punjabi
  Kashmir: The Society under seige by Riyaz Punjabi
  J&K Elections - 2002: An Overview
  Kashmiriyat: The Mystique of an Ethnicity Riyaz Punjabi
  Conflict in Kashmir and crisis in South Asia
  Initiative for Peace in Kashmir
  Autonomy In Jammu And Kashmir: An Overview by Riyaz Punjabi
  Faultline: Kashmir By Christopher Thomas reviewed by Saleem Kidwai
  End of the Cease-fire: Victory for Vested-Interests, Defeat for Kashmiris
  To Push a Kashmir Settlement, Lean on Pakistan by Selig S. Harrison
  Kargil: The Crisis and Its Implications reviewed by Saleem Kidwai
  Kargil: The Post-War Scenario by Ali Mohammad Rather
  Kashmir: The Restructuring of the Caliphate by Riyaz Punjabi
  Operation Kargil: The Pakistani Popular Reactions by Ashok K. Behuria
  Kargil Aggression – The Continuum of A Strategy by Riyaz Punjabi
  Mores of Ladakh, Baltistan and Dardistan by S. Mukhtar
  Muslims of Leh and Ladakh: An Ethnographic Study by Ali Muhammad Rather
  Lessons from Kashmir for South Asia by Riyaz Punjabi
  Indus Water Treaty and Kashmir
  Jammu and Kashmir: Some Thoughts on the Present Situation by Dr. Karan Singh
  Kashmir: On the Eve of Accession by Riyaz Punjabi
  Kashmiri Literature of the 90’s— An Appraisal by Neerja Mattoo
  Kashmir: The Day of Achievement by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah
  Kashmir Revisited by Claire Galez
  Ethnic Diversity in Ladakh by Ali Muhammad Rather
  Ladakh: Restoring the Pivotal Status by P. Stobdan
  Pak Occupied Kashmir: A Trade Unionist Perspective by Keith Standring
  Elections: An Alternative to Conflict Resolution by M. Afzal Tahir
  Society and Economy in Kashmir: Continuity and Change by Bupinder Zutshi
  Tibetan Muslims Settled in Kashmir: A Socio- Cultural Study by Ali Mohammad Rather
  Developmental Planning and Status of Women in Jammu & Kashmir by Gulam Nabi Itoo
  Educational Development in Jammu and Kashmir: A Sociological Perspective by Ghulam Nabi Itoo
  Ethnicity in Kashmir: A Study of Watals by Ali Mohmad Rather
  Jammu and Kashmir: A Very Special State by Karan Singh
  Kashmir: The Simla Solution by P.N. Dhar
  Legal Aspects of the Kashmir Problem by H.S. Gururaja Rao, Reviewed by Sh.J.L. Raina
  Shaivism in Kashmir: An Introduction, by M. H. Zaffar
  Political Resolution adopted by the Central Working Committee of the J&K National Conference
  Prospects of Peace in Kashmir-X, Elections in Kashmir: The Emerging Political Scenario by J.L.Raina and Ashok K. Behuria
  Rapprochement in Jammu & Kashmir by B. G. Verghese & Satish Kumar
  Kashmir: Violence is not the Solution by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
  A Poem on lost childhood in Kashmir by Ghulam Rasool Santosh
  Kashmir Trends, Vol. X, Issue-469, November 18, 2002
  Kashmir Trends, Vol. X, Issue-468, November 11, 2002
  Kashmir Trends, Vol X, Issue 467, November 4 2002


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