The Case of Palestinian Refugees: The Victims of Unending Conflict
  Nuclear Weapons Free Zones: Concept And History
  Transforming The Traditional Societies Roots of Conflicts And Violence – I
  Sociology And Social Transformation: International Perspective
  Situating India in the Geo-Politics of Energy Security by Akhilesh Chandra Prabhakar
  In Lieu of an Editorial
  Changing Security Dimensions in the Western Hemisphere by Tushar Kant
  Soldiers’ Role in Peace Making by Virendra Sahai Verma
  Biological Weapons and the Evolving International Norms by Monalisa Joshi
  Peace Process Gaining Pace
  Climate Politics What happened in Buenos Aires? by Deepender Kumar
  Violence as a Strategy
  Concept of Security: A Theoretical Analysis by Sujit Lahiry
  Humanitarian Intervention: A Critique by Indra Mohan Jha
  Talk About a Devolution by RIYAZ PUNJABI
  From the Editor's Desk THE BITTER AND SWEET
  Internal Conflict and the International Community by Roderic Alley Aldersgit: Ashgate Publishing, 2004, pp.242 Reviewed by Rene Wadlow
  Islam, Dialogue and Civil Society by Seyed Mohammad Khatami. CPCAS/SLLCS, JNU, New Delhi, 2003, pp. 119 Reviewed by Anisur Rehman
  Refugees, Conflicts and Global Peace by Jamal M. Moosa
  Upholding Rule of Law
  Reflection on the 1994 Rwanda Genocide
  Pariah Partners in Arms by Andrew Seth
  Islam, West and Muslims by Akhtarul Wasey
  Tackling Terrorism: Fight Disease Not Just the Symptoms by Mohd. Moazzam Ali
  The Economic And Social Impacts of Globalisation by Satya R. Pattnayak
  Role of NGOs in Promoting Human Rights by Tushar Kant
  Paths to Peace Process by Moonis Ahmar
  Cease Fire With Fresh Hope? by Anil Bhat
  Islam and Democracy: Some Observations by S.A.M. Pasha
  Military Expenditure vs. Human Development Expenditure: Changing Global Structure and Trend in the Post-Cold War Period by Sushant K. Nayak
  New Delhi Declaration Adopted at the International Ministerial Conference on the Dialogue among Civilizations - Quest for New Perspectives
  Conflict, Human Rights and Derailed Peace Process in Nepal by Shobhakar Budhathoki
  Environmental Rights and Human Rights by Deepender Kumar
  Terrorism And Human Rights: Some Reflections – I by Riyaz Punjabi
  Human Rights: Conceptual Explorations by Ashok K. Behuria
  In Lieu of an Editorial
  Need for Moderation
  Environmental Degradation And Conflict by Deepender Kumar
  Power Sharing and International Mediation in Ethnic Conflicts by Timothy D. Sisk reviewed by Rene Wadlow
  Perspectives On International Terrorism – II by Riyaz Punjabi
  Terrorism: A Psychological Study by Umakant Mishra
  Sporting Culture And World Peace by Samapika Mahapatra
  The Case of Legal Pluralism -II by Franz von Benda-Beckmann
  The Case of Legal Pluralism -I by Franz von Benda-Beckmann
  Human Rights, the Right to Culture and Multiculturalism by Bindu Puri
  FATA: The New Epicentre of Terror by Ashok K. Behuria
  Terror: Tracing the roots
  Pluralising States
  Time for Peace-building
  Politics of Climate Change by Deepender Kumar
  Harmonisation of Global Economy: The Role of Information Technology by Achal Kumar Malik
  Regionalization in a Globalizing World: A Comparative Perspective on Forms, Actors and Processes By Michael Schulz et al. reviewed by Rene Wadlow
  World Disorders: Troubled Peace in the Post-Cold War Era By Stanley Hoffmann reviewed by Rene Wadlow
  Combating International Terrorism by Dr. Sudhir Hindwan
  Perspectives on International Terrorism - I by Prof. Riyaz Punjabi
  National Security: Theoretical Perspectives by Amarendra Mishra
  Stalking Terror, Landmines in Peace and in War By Christopher S. Raj reviewed by Saleem Kidwai
  Dynamics of Conflict Resolution
  Globalisation and Localisation: A Critical Analysis by Rakesh Gupta
  Globalisation and Human Rights by Kalyan Raipuria
  National Human Rights Commission: An Analysis by Neil Sahoo
  Declaration at Pen for Peace Conference
  Ethnicity and Intra-State Conflicts: Types, Causes and Peace Strategies By Hakan Wiberg and Christian Scherrer reviewed by Rene Wadlow
  The Year 2001: The Start of a Creative Dialogue Among Civilizations by Rene Wadlow
  Exporting Jehad
  Autonomy: Flexible Solution to Ethnic Conflicts by Ruth Lapidoth reviewed by Rene Wadlow
  Roots of Religious Fundamentalism by Eqbal Ahmad
  In the Aftermath of a ‘Jihad’ by Aziz Siddiqui
  Globalization, Migration and Human Rights -II by Patrick A. Taran
  Globalization, Migration and Human Rights - I by Patrick A. Taran
  Sanctions and Human Rights by Riyaz Punjabi
  A People’s Response To Our Global Neigbourhood By Michael Hays And Amy Morgante (Eds.) Reviewed by Rene Wadlow
  Discourses on Human Rights: The Widening Universe by Riyaz Punjabi
  The Imperatives of Peace by Eqbal Ahmed
  Nuclear Terrorism: A Threat to Global Security by Jagat Ballav Pattanaik
  Samay ke Baad by Kshama Kaul reviewed by Neerja Mattoo
  Sanjoy Ghose: The Cost of Being an Activist
  Peace and Development
  The Future of Secularism by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
  UN Commission on Human Rights by Riyaz Punjabi
  Firdaus in flames by H. K. Kaul reviewed by Neerja Mattoo
  Islam and Non-Violence by Asghar Ali Engineer
  A Political Platform for Potential World Leaders – A Review Essay by Rene Wadlow
  The Significance of Culture in the understanding of Social Change in Contemporary India by Yogendra Singh
  Peace and Nonviolence
  Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution by Jyotsana Sharma
  National Security Management: Some Reflections by Saumitra Mohan
  Human Rights: Different Dimensions
  Need for Peace Education by Rainoo Bhai and Prabhu Dayal
  Redefining Security: An Environmental Approach by Deepender Kumar
  Irregular Armed Conflicts and Human Rights by Mokbul Ali Laskar
  Unholy War: Terror in the name of Islam by John L. Esposito, Reviewed by Anisur Rehman
  Media and Conflict Resolution by Sanjukta Parasor
  Islam, Muslims and The New World Order, By Prof Riyaz Punjabi
  Peace Research: An Agenda for the Future by Prof. Amitabh Mattoo


ICPS-International Center For Peace Studies

Journal of Peace Studies, a quarterly research journal is being published under the auspices of the Centre since 1993. The Centre publishes Occasional Papers / Monographs and Books on various issues relating to peace and conflict from time to time.

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