South Asia

  India­Pakistan Trade: Challenges And Opportunity
  India ­ China Relationship: A Case Of Trust Deficit
  Statements by External Affairs Minister of India Mr. Natwar Singh and Foreign Minister of Pakistan Mr. Khurshid Kasuri at the Joint Press Conference at Islamabad on 16 February 2005
  Politics of Identity: Ethnic Nationalism and the State in Pakistan by Adeel Khan Reviewed by Ashok K Behuria
  The Rise of Islamic Radicalism Among British Bangladeshis by Benjamin Zeitlyn
  Assam’s Ethnic Diversity and Need for Institutional Reform by Ivy Dhar
  Many Pakistans within Pakistan: The Case of Sectarian Conflicts in a Talibanised Context. by Ashok K. Behuria Presented in an International Seminar organised in 2002 by Jadavpur University, West Bengal and this paper appeared in an edited book later in 2003.
  Nepal: Darkening Clouds in the Shadows of Mount Everest by Rene Wadlow
  Joint Statement after Meeting between Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan
  Kashmir Media on Indo-Pak Relations Is it a Retreat?
  Indus Waters Treaty (The View from Pakistan)
  Rumblings in Northern Areas by Ashok K. Behuria
  Indus Waters Treaty Human Security Vs. Military Security by Riyaz Punjabi
  Interview with the Director of Gandhi Museum Mr. Y.P. Anand
  How to Make Gandhian Institutions More Relevant? by Anthony Parel
  Gandhi and Minorities by Saleem Kidwai
  Getting back to Gandhi’s Means: Three Years after 9/11 by Ashok Behuria
  Religious Conflict Resolution: Inefficacy of Gandhian Methods by Ashok Vohra
  Gandhi; the Art of Conversation and Dissolving Conflicts by Bindu Puri
  Violence, Reconciliation and the Idea of Responsibility: Gandhi in 1946-47 by Rakesh Batabyal
  Gandhiji’s Ahimsa and Conflict Resolution: A Critical Study by S.C. Daniel
  Reinventing Gandhi
  Joint Statement after Meeting between Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan
  Joint Statement of India-Pakistan Expert-Level Talks on Nuclear CBMs Adopted on June 20th, 2004
  Legal Regime of Water Partnership: The Case of Bangladesh by M. Habibur Rahman
  The Future of Nuclear South Asia: A Global Peace Perspective by P. Moorthy
  Interview with Pakistan Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali
  Joint Statement of India-Pakistan Foreign Secretaries Adopted on 18th February, 2004
  India and Britannia - An Abiding Affair by Subash Chopra reviewed by J.L. Raina
  Sectarian Calculus in Pakistan: The Changing Dynamics by Ashok K. Behuria
  Contemporary Threats to India’s Internal Security by Rakesh Gupta
  Fresh Breeze in South Asia
  Islamabad Declaration Adopted at the 12th SAARC Summit Islamabad on January 6, 2004
  Beyond Boundaries: A Report on the State of Non-Official Dialogues on Peace, Security and Cooperation in South Asia by Navnita Chadha Behera reviewed by Rene Wadlow
  India, Pakistan And The Kashmirs by Riyaz Punjabi
  Wide Operational Experience Of India's Armed Forces by Anil Bhat
  South Asia in 21st Century, India, Her Neighbours and the Great powers by Nalini Kant Jha reviewed by Saleem Kidwai
  Human Rights Situation in Bangladesh by Anand Kumar
  India, UNHCR and Refugees : An Analytical Study by Saumitra Mohan
  Bangladesh-Pakistan Relations: Signs of Change by Nidhi Narain
  Domestic Turmoil in Nepal: Implications for Nepalese and Indian Security by Nalini Kant Jha
  Kathmandu Declaration - SAARC XI
  Pakistan, Founder’s Aspirations and Today’s Realities by Hafeez Malik reviewed by Saleem Kidwai
  Indo-Pak Nuclear Cold War by N. Kunju reviewed by T. T. Polouse
  War on Terrorism: Impact on South Asia Security Dynamics by Surya Gangadharan
  Sri Lanka falters on peace front by Shankar Kumar
  Theatre Missile Defence (TMD) In The Asia-Pacific Region: Implications For South Asian Security by Upendra Choudhury
  My Partner, My Enemy: Trade between India and Pakistan by Deepthi Jayaraj
  Countering Anti-India Terror: Beyond War and Surrender -II by Nalini Kant Jha
  Countering Anti-India Terror: Beyond War and Surrender -I by Nalini Kant Jha
  Agra Summit: A Foreign Policy Perspective by Rakesh Gupta
  Islamic Pakistan: Illusion and Reality By Abdus Sattar Ghazali, reviewed by Saleem Kidwai
  Ballistic Missiles and India-Pakistan Strategic Balance Upendra Choudhury
  North Korea-Pakistan nuclear collaboration and the US concern Rajesh Mishra
  Nuclear and Missile Race in South Asia-Relevance of Military Structuring By Vinay Malhotra reviewed by Saleem Kidwai
  Declaration at the India-Pakistan People’s Solidarity Conference
  Dhaka Declaration
  Proliferation of Small Arms in Bangladesh
  Military Restructuring for Peace in South Asia: Problems and Prospects by Vinay Kumar Malhotra
  National Security: South Asian Perspective by Mohammed Arif
  Role of CBM’s in South Asia by Anand Kumar
  Human Rights and "Asian Values" by Prasenjit Maiti
  SAARC and other Regional Trade Agreements by A.R. Choudhury
  The Unfolding Culture of Intolerance: A Tale of Two Festivals by Ashok K. Behuria
  Democratic Discourse in Nepal by Lok Raj Baral
  Confidence Building Measures and Regional Co-operation between India and Pakistan by Sujit Lahiry
  Ethnicity and Regional Aspirations in Pakistan by Sudhir K. Singh
  India and the EU: Divergence in Regional Approaches by H.S. Chopra
  Finding South Asia by Khem Kumar Aryal
  Text of Joint Statement issued after Nawaz-Clinton Meeting
  Indian Nuclear Doctrine
  The Lahore Declaration
  Talibanisation of Pakistan: A Bonfire of Pakistani youth by Ghazi Salahuddin
  Pakistan Facing Identity Crisis by Adnan Sattar
  US-Pakistan Strategic Partnership: A New Alliance in Making? by Dr. Chintamani Mahapatra
  Forced Migration in South Asia by Riyaz Punjabi
  Islamising an Islamic State by Ashok K Behuria
  In Search of a ‘South Asian’ Identity by Rita Manchanda
  Growing Plea for Autonomy in Gilgit and Baltistan by Andreas Ruesca
  Into the Nucleus of a Relationship: Indo-Pak Relations Revisited-II by Ashok K Behuria
  Into the Nucleus of a Relationship: Indo-Pak Relations Revisited-I by Ashok K Behuria
  Sociology of Strategic Decision-Making and National Security Issues in India -II by M.N. Panini and Veena R. Kumar
  Sociology of Strategic Decision-Making and National Security Issues in India -I by M.N. Panini and Veena R. Kumar
  India and Islamic world Edited by Riyaz Punjabi and A.K. Pasha reviewed by Saleem Kidwai
  U.S. Arms Aid to Pakistan and Indo-U.S. Relations by P.K. Panigrahi
  SAARC Moving Towards SAFTA: Prospects of India’s Regional Trade by Rajashree Kanungo
  South Asia: The Struggle for a Democratic Order Riyaz Punjabi
  Insurgency in North-East: International Dimension by Ash Narain Roy
  The Refugee Situation in South Asia: Some Pertinent Issues by Sanjukta Banerji Bhattacharya
  History of Indo-Pak Bilateral Talks - II by Ashok K Behuria
  History of Indo-Pak Bilateral Talks - I by Ashok K Behuria
  India-Pakistan Peace Initiative: Some Reflections by Riyaz Punjabi
  Profusion of Light Weapons: A Case Study of South Asia by Deba R. Mohanty
  Role of SAARC in Conflict Resolution in South Asia by Sreeradha Datta
  Small Arms Proliferation and Political Instability in South Asia by Jagat Ballav Pattanaik
  Autonomy Demand: A New Perspective by Ash Narain Roy
  Pakistan: Religion and Politics by Asghar Ali Engineer
  Indo-Pak Relations New Voices for Peace by Rita Manchanda
  National Integration in Pakistan: The Case of Muhajirin Qawmi Movement (MQM) by Kalim Bahadur
  Social Integration and Indian Muslims: The Gandhian Perspective by Kameshwar Choudhary
  Insurgency Movements in North-Eastern India by Ash Narain Roy
  Indian Politics in Transition: From Dominance to Chaos by Rekha Saxena reviewed by Indra Mohan Jha
  Politics of Ethnic Assertion in South East Asia by Ganganath Jha
  Menace of Terrorism requires Global Response, increased UN role
  Communal Challenge and Secular Response by Asghar Ali Engineer Reviewed by M. Saleem Kidwai
  Madrassas, Militancy and Politics in Pakistan by Vivek Kumar Mishra
  President Khatami's India Visit: Reconstructing India-Iran Relations
  Indian Labour Migration to the Gulf (A Socio-Economic Analysis), By Anisur Rahman Reviewed by S.A.M. Pasha
  Growing Networks of Terror in Bangladesh: How Real is the Threat? by Deepender Kumar
  Forced Migrants (Tibetans, Tamils and Bangladeshis) in Orissa by Ashok K. Behuria
  Indo-OIC Relations: Perspective and Trends-I by A.K. Pasha
  Indo-OIC Relations: Perspective and Trends-II by A.K. Pasha
  Trade and Culture: Key to Normalisation of Indo-Pak relations by Prof. A.M. Khusro
  The Shifting Saliency of Religion in the Construction of Nationalism: The Indian Experience by Prof. T. K. Oommen


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