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International Centre for Peace Studies

The Centre aims at developing a methodology of conflict resolution and meeting the challenges of social tensions
released by post-modern developmental paradigms.

About Us

International Centre for Peace Studies is a non-governmental, non-profit-making registered society, engaged in the study and research on issues relating to peace and conflict in societies across the world since 1993.


  • The origin and basis of Social Conflicts and their linkages with other social systems
  • Religion as an Instrument of Peace
  • Insurgency, Militancy and Terrorism and their effect on State and Civil Society

Present Office Bearers:

  • Prof. Riyaz Punjabi President (Hony.)
  • Miraan Punjabi Secretary General
  • Dr. Ashok K Behuria Director (Hony.)
  • J. L. Raina Administrative Officer
  • Rene Wadlow Overseas Coordinator
  • Dr. Tarannum Riyaz Program Coordinator

Supporting Staff

  • Ganga Sharan
  • Sreekala Anil Kumar